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  • 12 FAQs about diamond painting!

    Posted by Mandy Ruiz on

    👉what is diamond painting?

    Usually I explain it as paint by number,but with little beads.


    👉What do the symbols mean?

    Whenever you get a kit,you’ll see that the canvas has a whole bunch of different symbols printed on the canvas and then you’ll also get your diamonds. These diamonds are usually in numbered bags.

    Then on the painting or sometimes on another sheet of paper, you’ll have a legend。 On the legend ,you’ll find the numbers and that the colors have been assigned and then you’ll also find the corresponding symbol that you’ll see on the painting.


    So, whenever you see a certain symbol you can look over to the legend and see what color it’s supposed to be based off of the number they were packaged as.

    👉What do you use for the diamonds to stick to the pen?

      Whenever you order a diamond painting kit, you’ll get some basic tools that’ll usually include a pen , the tray, your diamonds,your canvas and some wax.


      You get your pen and stick it into the wax so that the wax then transfer onto the tip either your single placer or multi-placer.

      And then that is how you can pick up your pens from your tray.

      👉Is the canvas sticky?Does it bring a protective sheet?

        The answer is yes to both questions. The canvas is very sticky.That’s literally how the diamonds stick onto it.

        You grab a diamond and stick it onto the canvas.

        Every painting will bring a protective shape to cover the glue.

        👉What if you make a mistake?

        If you put the wrong diamond on the wrong space, all you have to do is grab tweezers and just grab the diamond and flick it right off.


        You can also do this with you diamond painting pen preferably without wax in the tip,in case the wax get suck to the glue.

        👉How long does it take to completely finish a diamond painting?

        It really depends on the size of the painting and the design. I’ve worked on a really small painting that I finished in maybe three hours. But my most recent diamond painting which was one of the biggest I’ve done, that one took me a month.

        That’s because of the design,it was a complicated design. There was a lot of confetti which means a lot of different colors in one small section.

        Diamond painting that have big blocks of the same color will usually be faster to complete.

        👉What do I do with all my extra drills?

        I have them all in a jar.


        I keep the jar on my kitchen table as decor.

        👉Do paintings bring extra drills?

        Yes, they do. As you can see I have a whole jar full of the extra diamonds.

        👉What is a good size for diamond painting?

          If it’s a really detailed with a lot going on, I would recommend getting a bigger sized painting.

          👉Can you get custom designs?

          Yes,you can. I haven’t done on yet, but I’m definitely planning on it.

          👉If you watch TV while you are doing painting?

          Yeah,usually I put on a show or a youtube video, and I’m just listening to that kind of in the background.

          Sometimes I’ll re-watch movies that I’ve already seen.

          👉How to avoid back and neck pain?

          The biggest tip that I can give to prevent back [pain or neck pain is to really focus on your posture.

          Really keep in mind that you want to keep your back straight while doing painting.

          You can work on a little higher table.I’ve noticed that when I work on lower tables or with small chairs, I tend to crouch a lot more and then my neck is uncomfortable.

          So if you can find a table that’s a little higher or even maybe lowering your chair,that might do the trick.

          Next big tip is to take breaks,especially if you feel like burning pain in your neck.

          Don’t push yourself too much.


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