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    Thank you so much for your attention and trust to all the time.

    Years ago, I could not remember how many nights I spent tossing and turning under the great pressure of hopeless life and heavy work, feeling depressed and irritable.It was really a quite long period of darkness seemingly tortured by countless problems without any solutions.Fortunately I met one Taiwanese psychotherapist.She recommended cross-stitch with diamond to me. That was my first time contact with diamond painting which was full of magical power.To the greatest comfort of my family and myself,I was able to sit down quietly to paste the little drills to the canvas.Some day I found that I could calm myself down gradually and think about problems in another way after I finished dozens of pieces of diamond paintings.Finally, with the help of the doctor and my family, I welcomed a new life.I married my Mr. Right in 2012 and had our lovely daughter who took diamond paintings as one of her favorite toys.In one corner of the world, there may be someone who is experiencing my past pains. I create the site to let more people know about diamond painting and enjoy the benefits it bring to us,hoping that you will find the other side of your life for someone you love or for yourself.


    Many people would think diamond painting is a totally emerging art form,which in my opinion is not.The diamond painting is an updated version of the traditional cross stitch,based on the same technique as paint by number.It breaks images down into patterns,very similar to cross stitch. Small, glossy tiles are then applied to canvas to make the pattern.Packets of crystals have printed numbers on the package, which correspond to particular symbol on the scheme. Once you place the crystals, try to push them slightly and place as close to each other as possible.


    Since the establishing of the Site,we received a lot of positive comments and pertinent suggestions.Thousands of mothers found that their children were deeply attracted by the bling bling diamonds at the first sight and it was a good way to train infants’ fine movements. Some older children's mothers thought their sons or daughters were more focused after diamond painting came to them.We we are told by many aged people more than several times that their afternoon become more colorful because of these tiny drills.On Facebook,some young people are showing off some of their latest gifts, thinking diamond paintings the best gifts they have ever received because of the thoughts behind each diamond painting.


    We are flattered by the fact that many of the benefits of diamond painting were beyond our expectations.The creation process is easy.You do not need to have any basic skill of arts.It suitable for children as well as for the adults.The pleasure of creating a stunning work of art is beyond description.It helps to relax yourselves and decrease stress in your leisure time,which has been practiced and proved to be true by many psychotherapists.Diamond painting is also very popular in the field of art decor and art collection. In many high-end home improvement cases some diamond paintings are found and some art collectors always have several or even many superb diamond paintings.As every piece of handiwork is an expression of the heart and soul of its maker,there is no doubt that diamond Paintings kit can be a pretty choice as a gift for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, New Year, Birthday,weddings or other important occasions.Believed as more people get in love with diamond painting kits,more benefits will be discovered.


    Whatever more benefits will be discovered by more people,I would not forget the initial benefit it brought to me.I created the Site in 2013 for selling my finished diamond painting and until today the Site becomes a professional craftwork site specializing in the production and processing of diamond paintings,diamond embroidery,diamond cross stitch,round diamond painting,square diamond painting,custom photo diamond painting,diamond painting kit and so on.For the years of development of the Site and myself,here I want to thank all the workmates who ever worked and are working with me to grow our career,I also want to thank all staffs who have paid for our diamond paintings,which makes us go on with our career with more confidence.I sincerely hope everyone can discover the beauty of every aspect of life, just like every side of the diamond shines.


    Through several years of development, we have quickly gained popularity in the European and American markets. It is the leading and most popular manufacturer of diamond painting kits.Our range of diamond painting kit is constantly expanding. You will find a lot of striking designs for any occasions and of different complexity degrees. You have our guarantee that the product is safe and of high quality. The kit comes with high-quality rhinestones. Each mosaic piece is of the same size. The kit contains 30% more crystals than required to complete the picture. You don't have to worry anymore if you drop or lose a few rhinestones.If you run out of the rhinestones, you can contact us at any time to get extra drills to finish the creation. The adhesive layer is of good quality. You don't have to add glue to the crystals, which simplifies the work a lot. If you follow the instructions, the crystals will stay in place for a long time.All the diamond painting designs are carefully thought-out. This helps achieve an impressive final effect, inspiring you to complete even more kits.Orders can be processed quickly with zero mistakes.Customer service is always ready to help and provide effective solutions.

     I sincerely hope this new form of art creation will bring more happiness to you all and set your imagination and inner word free.Welcome communications with us for anything you want to share with us or any problems about products and orders.Please email to

    Your sincerely,