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    Custom made diamond art

    Amazing quality print turned out brilliant sent to the actual johnny depp as a birthday gift ..

    Florence and josie

    Beautiful canvas turned out lovely was extra sticky so no drills moving or dropping off

    Family Photo

    Very pleased with this square 5D diamond painting, which is now hanging on the wall in my office. Followed online instructions on how to prepare for mounting onto wood to include sealing with a high-gloss product to protect the surface and also ensure that each diamond stayed in place. The only slight criticism is that while I was working on the picture the protective cover kept curling up. Wondered if it is possible to order a spare protective cover when ordering my next 5D pic from you?

    Nearly finished but had a problem with a wrong diamond being included in the kit but was sorted really quickly by victoriasmoon.Very pleased with end result.

    An AMAZING Canvas

    This is just lovely, cute and colourful. Any cat lover would find this bead art really appealing.

    It's just Amazing and very realistic...

    This Tiger is one of my favourites I've done to date.
    It's on the wall in the kitchen and whichever way you approach the eyes follow you. Everyone admires this picture. Second Tiger picture as first one was a well received present.

    Animal canvass

    My wee granddaughter loves animals. I have done loads and never been disappointed. Thank you.

    neighbours cat that she lost

    This is my 3rd one that ive bought and completed ill post the other 1later as ive already posted one .

    I bought this 4 months ago for my neighbour as her little lucy hasn't long past away and only just finished it.

    i enjoy doing these they are relaxing and great to do on a rainy day heaven knows it rains alot in wales lol so thought it be a lovely 70th birthday present although it wasnt done on time lol only two months late lol but She absolutely loved it she cried and put it up on her wall straight away and said Lucy's home where she belongs made me cry.

    Thanks so much Victoria for once again provideding me with such good quality product i chose a size but they changed it to a right size they thought would be alot better for tje picture witch i am so great full for as im rubbish at sizes and it came out pretty awesome. It always comes on time and nicely packed .

    There was enough diamonds pieces if not more to complete it ive got another 2 to go witch i cant wait to get started and already got 4 more to buy lol so ill be ordering again pretty soon. Thanks again


    This is beautiful it's turned out really well. I made it for our grandsons 13th who is a guitar enthusiast. It's now on his wall in his room. My daughter told me to buy a light board for underneath the I was struggling even with a magnifying glass. Wow what a difference. It's made them easier for me to do.


    Highly recommend this site. Great quality. I love doing portraits that people ask me to do for them.


    Absolutely Iove it


    Still working on this one but absolutely love the colours.

    Brillant pattern and kit was given as a gift to my mum who absolutely loved it will be ordering again

    3d foxy

    I got foxy as a present for a friends birthday and he is gorgeous. So colourful and beautiful

    Love love love

    I'll be buying more asap a photo of my dog and I

    Custom order

    This is my 4th project, they always arrive in good condition with everything you need. Always plenty of diamonds for the picture.


    This picture is beautiful finished and framed already

    Friends dog who she lost

    Did this diamond art for a friend who had lost her dog ,she cryed whenshe was given it

    Birthday present

    Amazing service. Got this for a friends birthday I completed a gave as a present. She was so happy she cried happy tears. many thanks joanna

    Very pleased with how my pictures turned out. Will be ordering more.


    Love it so far but don’t know how look went finished

    Really cute

    Finally got this finished, it’s such a beautiful image, only wish I got it bigger for more detail, but still love it .

    Family photo

    I have just finished my diamond painting of a family photo, for my sister's birthday. It is absolutely amazing. Excellent quality and the colours are just perfect. Thank you Victoria's Moon. I'm sure she'll love it x

    Dog 5d Diy Diamond Painting Kits UK Handwork Hobby VM8669
    Tricia Rix, Norfolk
    Little Cutie

    Smallest picture I've done to date. Looks great framed in an oak frame with ivory mount.

    Family Photo

    Although I had to wait a little before receiving it, it arrived in perfect condition, in a strong cardboard box, rather than rolled up with the diamonds inside and shoved into bendable plastic wrapping like my previous 5D kits. I opened it out and kept it flat and weighted for a couple of weeks until it laid totally flat by itself. I was pleased that it was covered with two separate pieces of protective covers, which I can move up or down depending on where I'm working, keeping one of them below so I can lean on it and not stick to the canvas. The only criticism I have about the coverings is that it is prone to tear and cannot be mended with sellotape (which keeps coming off on the canvas). So an improvement would be non-tear covers. However, I am delighted with the quality of everything else and am thoroughly enjoying doing it. I shall definitely order from victoriamoon in future! Here's what I've done so far, see photo below.