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    Personalised nursery canvas

    I designed I created my own canvas for my sons nursery and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. This is the 2nd time ordered from this company for personalised designs a it's been fabulous, would and do highly recommend to family and friends 🧡

    Soooo Happy!

    I Was So Happy When My Custom Designs Came In The Post But When I Finished One Of Them 3 Weeks Later I Could Have Cried. It Was Absolutely Perfect. It’s Actually Being Framed To Go On My Living Room Wall🥰

    Fantastic Painting

    Sent a photo for Car SOS to give as a gift. It came quicker than advertised and really please with the result. The recipient was really amazed with the finished product and I can’t have been more happy with it either. Will definitely use again for custom paintings in the future

    Great Sunset Colour

    Finished this and put it in black frame.
    Put it on Facebook and all my friends thought it was brilliant.
    One of the better ones for the great colour.


    Absolutely beautiful just finished the work on my highland bull, called him Hamish I'm on my seventh one now I got the heron on the water looking forward to starting it

    Absolutely Love these. I regularly buy these of my grandchildren. Quality is Brilliant. Prices are affordable unlike other sites.


    I think this is the best one I've done. Lovely


    Amazing art similarities to the original photo were fantastic


    Brilliant kit as always with vibrant colours


    Really enjoyed this one amazing quality diamond painting kit as always

    Over the years I have done many pictures. I have never had any complaints bout them thr pictures above are just a few. I hope to carry on with using your company
    Many thanks

    Not good

    None of the zodiac signs are on the painting as pictured, and animals are blurred it's a shame was looking forward to finishing, been painting 5 yrs so not a beginner. gave up half way through.

    My golden oldie

    Done this beaury of my dog, im so proud of this one. Colours are brilliant

    Portrait of my Son and partner

    I was very hesitant about doing this picture as the colours didn't seem right according to the photo I supplied. I had no alternative but to do the picture as it is for a Christmas gift. It is completed now and even though I'm still not really happy I have no option as I no longer have time to do another one. I will never do another picture of as I've done nothing but endure problems with them. I did send the company a message that the colours had to be more or less exact to the picture but it wasn't and I know that the reply I would have got is " well its mosaic" but I made myself clear enough that I didn't want mosaic colours I wanted something true to the photo.

    Cafe street scene.

    This one took some time to complete being a 40x40, but it was worth the time, looks great and my friends love it.


    I received it and I have now completed it. It truly does look beautiful framed and hung up. Very pleased.


    I love these, they always turn out awesome


    Just finished my third picture, absolutely addicted to them, can't wait to start my next one.


    Really enjoyed doing this one x

    Colourful abstract

    Product arrived complete. I loved all the colours and the fact that the colours within the picture were not symmetrical. The only criticism would be that the resins already inserted would often rise and I was forever having to press them down again or even renew some which had come off when the work was moved. I've done lots of 5D, both square and round, and if anyone was thinking of buying this particular product I'd recommend using the round diamond version. Victoria Moon have a superb selection of different 5D art.

    Narla my puppy

    Thankyou canvas was good quality plenty of diamonds to do picture it was just as the photo and has turned out beautifully

    80cmx80cm square drill custom

    Had fun making this. Really went at it everyday and completed it in about 3 1/2 weeks. There were approximately 102,000 diamonds to put down so it was quite the challenge. Some of the colours are a little off (like my overly blue hair for instance! Could have been that the image had a filter applied to it) But it still somehow works when sat and viewed from afar. I'd definitely do another, but after the marathon that was this one I'll wait a while, until I get the urge back. Total cost of about £70 after buying the frame for it I'd say it was well worth it for a one off piece of wall decor. Would recommend this company, I was provided with ample diamonds and all the tools needed to complete it, easy Five stars

    Love it

    I had to get this painting as I'm in love with Staffordshire bull terrier, loved how it turned out


    The picture is lovely, but the clear protector on the picture is really flimsy and it arrived really creased. Seems cheaply prepared.