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    Cafe street scene.

    This one took some time to complete being a 40x40, but it was worth the time, looks great and my friends love it.


    I received it and I have now completed it. It truly does look beautiful framed and hung up. Very pleased.


    I love these, they always turn out awesome


    Just finished my third picture, absolutely addicted to them, can't wait to start my next one.


    Really enjoyed doing this one x

    Colourful abstract

    Product arrived complete. I loved all the colours and the fact that the colours within the picture were not symmetrical. The only criticism would be that the resins already inserted would often rise and I was forever having to press them down again or even renew some which had come off when the work was moved. I've done lots of 5D, both square and round, and if anyone was thinking of buying this particular product I'd recommend using the round diamond version. Victoria Moon have a superb selection of different 5D art.

    Narla my puppy

    Thankyou canvas was good quality plenty of diamonds to do picture it was just as the photo and has turned out beautifully

    80cmx80cm square drill custom

    Had fun making this. Really went at it everyday and completed it in about 3 1/2 weeks. There were approximately 102,000 diamonds to put down so it was quite the challenge. Some of the colours are a little off (like my overly blue hair for instance! Could have been that the image had a filter applied to it) But it still somehow works when sat and viewed from afar. I'd definitely do another, but after the marathon that was this one I'll wait a while, until I get the urge back. Total cost of about £70 after buying the frame for it I'd say it was well worth it for a one off piece of wall decor. Would recommend this company, I was provided with ample diamonds and all the tools needed to complete it, easy Five stars

    Love it

    I had to get this painting as I'm in love with Staffordshire bull terrier, loved how it turned out


    The picture is lovely, but the clear protector on the picture is really flimsy and it arrived really creased. Seems cheaply prepared.

    Personalised Kylie Tension Image

    I have seen a few images that friends have completed and thought wow they look great let’s give it a whirl. I’m so glad I did !

    The image is amazing and it certainly is worth the time and effort of 45,000 quality drills.

    The one and only negative is .. I wish these were delivered rolled as I can’t get the fold to go flat even after 2 months being laid on a table.
    It’s noticeable in the frame but everything else spot on.

    127pcs 5D DIY Diamond Painting Accessories And Tools Kits DT9013

    Really pleased with this set. It took quite a long time to arrive and I wasn't sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the trays and the box with smaller strips of boxes inside is great. The only downside is the multi-diamond applicators are impossible to use effectively, so I am just using the single ones. I also haven't worked out what the blue clip things are for. I like that it all come with a zip bag that it can all be stored in.

    My Art work

    This is amazing. Frame ordered black with white border should make it look really good.
    Cant wait to put it on the wall.

    Very Cute...

    Loved this little bear picture. Done it as a nursery present for an expected baby boy in September.
    Very bright and colourful, but should suit any decor. Glad I chose this one and would send for it again should the need arise.
    Tricia, Norfolk

    Wedding picture

    I was very happy with it, as was my niece who it was for.


    Ordered twice products are good, will order again


    This is the first time I submitted a picture for diamond art and I wasn’t disappointed.

    Simply fabulous

    So pleased with this custom painting so like my dog really enjoyed doing this picture. I have brought a couple of this company's diamond paintings and they are always excellent.
    Everyone I showed this too was really impressed and it turned out amazing.

    Fantastic quality

    The custom canvas you made me was absolutely fantastic. From the quality of the drills to the outstanding detail on the canvas. Friends have commented how amazing the artwork is. Completely satisfied and have now ordered another custom to do for my daughter.

    Diamond art

    Amazing quality

    Colourful picture...

    Yes, pretty and colourful. Not my favourite flower picture to date, as the flowers arranged in a wicker basket suits my taste better! Be good as a gift for flower lovers though.

    My Beautiful Missy

    I got this diamond painting because it reminds me of my pet dog who passed away and it’s turned out just beautiful. Thank you.


    Excellent highly recommend. Quality was superb. I loved this. Perfect.

    Pierside Sunset

    I have completed many of these diamond pics and enjoy doing them. I find that they are very relaxing.
    I bought this one 2 months ago and it is not yet complete but is looking very good and a very good likeness of the photo I supplied.
    The finished pic is one I completed earlier this year