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    My custom photo

    Very pleased with the good quick service, also pleased with finished result

    Cheeky Frog

    I love this cheeky, cute little frog on his lily pad - he makes me laugh whenever I look at him. I enjoyed working this picture it’s such a happy one to do. Thank you very much,Victoria’s Moon. I’ve become addicted to 5D diamond painting and enjoyed all the many pictures I’ve done but am now having a change doing some cross stitch which seems very slow to work in comparison!

    Hot style wolf

    Amazing, ordered more and already got them. I am on my 2nd one now.


    Speedy service and an excellent product. Will definitely be using Victoria's moon again. Brilliant

    5D personalized pictures

    I have been doing 5D diamond art for a few years, im quite disabled so this helps pass time, then I was told you can get personalized ones, these are absolutely amazing, great presents, Victoria Moons are amazing quality and I can't believe how much they look like the photos, and people love receiving them as presents, these are just a few I have completed ❤

    Top Quality!

    I have now completed 4 of the Victoria Moon custom diamond painting kits, they look beautiful, would definitely recommend doing a favourite picture or photo, makes them extra special!

    Old style American train

    I enjoyed working this picture as in the 1980s I travelled on a similar train on the Silverton/Durango railway in the Rockies through the same sort of scenery. I think anyone interested in trains would find this a good picture to work and the result is lovely with all the different colours of the trees along the river and the mountains in the background. I would recommend Victorias Moon to anyone interested in diamond painting, with their quality materials and so many different pictures to choose from.

    Magical Swan

    I think this is a beautiful picture and loved working on it. The scene inside the swan with the fairies, waterfalls, horse and other swan is lovely. Like cross stitch it is better seen from a distance when it becomes much clearer so the photo doesn’t really do it justice. This is now one of my favourite diamond paintings, thank you very much Victoria’s Moon.


    I have now completed 2 stunning & beautiful pictures. My first was the Seaside garden which was stunning and the one I have just finished is the Beach House scene. I did them in the 50x70 size and the detail is very clear. Victoriasmoon do some fabulous pictures I am now doing an Elephant one for my daughter.

    Love it

    I ordered this picture and when it arrived it looked better than I expected for the size difference


    Nice small one to do just got to put it in a canvas now

    Really glad I purchased

    I had been putting off ordering but I’m so glad I finally took the plunge. I ordered the front cover of my debut novel To Love a Daemon 40x60cm and I’m almost finished! It’s super detailed and I’m very happy with how it’s looking.

    Charming Picture

    Good colours - a nice canvas to work on. Mounted in a wooden frame I painted metallic grey, which was given as a surprise to a Friend for her new garden Room. She was really pleased and had never seen a bead-art canvas before.

    Dream castle

    Was over printed, impossible to do

    Fantastic quality

    I absolutely loved doing this picture for my boyfriend. The picture quality was outstanding. There was more than enough gems supplied and well packaged. I thoroughly recommend getting a custom from here.

    Stunning picture when finished but disappointed with colours in hat as picture shows green leaves but they are pink and no diamante's as shown

    2021 5d Diy Diamond Painting Kits UK DP2353
    Pretty but too pale

    The picture on the website had lovely strong colours. The reality was more insipid, especially the "Book Shop" over the door. A shame as the idea is great.

    Another fantastic product

    I think i’ve had 8/9 pics from here and they’ve all been fab which is why i keep going back for more. I had one that didn't have enough of 1 colour so i contacted them and they sent me more of the colour the next day free of charge. Would highly recommend to anyone.

    Lovely really impresse with the diamond painting of my grandson


    This painting is breathtaking it’s absolutely beautiful everyone remarks on it. All the paintings I have done from Victoria Moon have been stunning.

    3 little angels 😇

    Hi .. my friend Sherry … done this one .. she loves angels .. so please with the finish result xx

    Alice in wonderland diamond art

    Love it!
    I would of loved got this one bigger.

    Lovely picture

    Another one of your Diamond pictures I’ve done really impressed again with the finished picture. Will be buying more from you.

    So good I don’t want to finish it 😊

    Absolutely gorgeous, all diamonds present. So easy to use. All finished and can’t wait to get it framed for my friends zen garden


    I have really enjoyed making this picture. It was the most challenging one I've done yet, due to the dark background. Great quality canvas to work on, always have plenty of diamonds to complete the picture. Have ordered from Victoriasmoon for over a year and wouldn't go anywhere else. Delivery is very prompt, even with all the transport issues that are going on at the moment. Any issues are dealt with quickly by email. I hope you enjoy making your picture too.