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  • About Size

    Something about size you may need to know before you get start with diamond painting.


    Drills are the tiny gems that make up a diamond painting. There are two kinds,round drills and square drills.


    Round drills have a more scattered, glimmery look to them, and tend to be more abstract in their design, since the printed picture might show through a little. These are easiest for beginners, since there is a bit of room to not have straight lines!


    Square drills require a lot of skill as they are lined up perfectly, and almost no printed background shows through. Precise lines are necessary to get the proper effect. However, the finished product is incredibly rewarding, and resembles a beautiful mosaic.


    Tiny! Roughly the square beads are 0.25 cm and round beads are 0.28 cm.



    They’re made from a high-sheen resin, which is highly pigmented, and colored all the way through for depth.

    4.How to choose size?

    We often hear that the bigger the better. When it comes to diamond paintings, this saying can not be too right.Diamond painting kits can range in size from tiny at 3”x3”, to 8”x10” to huge at over 30”!The smaller sizes mean cheaper, which would be great for newbies who just want to have a try on diamond painting,or it may be suitable for simple images with a few lines.When you try to do some gorgeous diamond paintings with images of portraits and intricate landscapes,small sizes can never be your wise choice.To simply put it, size is like resolution. With bigger size, you are able to put more diamonds onto the canvas and get way bigger details. The biggest sized paintings looks just like normal paintings!

    As you see from the following pictures,the bigger the diamond painting canvas is,the more diamonds it requires,and the better the picture looks.

    According to our years of experience, For none realistic representations of subjects, abstracts, or images with no defined faces or lines, a 40 x 30cm will be sufficient enough without sacrificing too much of the pictures quality.A single subject with a face can work well enough with a 40 x 30cm, but note that if there are more faces in the image, a 60 x 50cm might be the bare minimum to get all the faces detailed enough in the finished project.In a word,you should choose the size according to the image content and what you expect on the image effect.

    5.Difference between picture size and canvas size

    The canvas is bigger than picture, and when diamond painting is full coverage, whole picture is pasting area. When you choose the diamond painting size, you should now that "bigger is better". Bigger the picture means better resolution and sharper details and finished diamond painting picture shines more. But for the beginners, the smaller size is better.


    If you have any questions about the size,please feel free to email us at,we will help you choose the correct canvas size.