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    What is a diamond painting?
    Diamond painting is an emerging art form after cross stitch, and it has now become one of the most popular handicrafts. It breaks the picture into thousands or even tens of thousands of acrylic diamond patterns of different colors. Users only need to paste these diamonds into the corresponding squares or circles according to the codes on the canvas, and a brilliant work of art is produced.
    A sparkling beautiful diamond painting will both adorn your wall and bring out your best artistic ability. When you put this together with your own hands and put your time and attention to detail into creating this masterpiece, it is likely to be close to your heart for a long time- or even forever. You can choose this theme or many others and let your artistic flair thrive, or gift it to someone special.

    8 Benefits of Diamond Painting:
    ✅ It's Relaxing and Therapeutic
    ✅ It's an Amazing Hobby
    ✅ Reduce Stress and Anxiety
    ✅ Helps Your Brain To Focus
    ✅ Helps Your Fine Motor Skills
    ✅ Increases Your Social Circles
    ✅ Helps to Spark Creativity
    ✅ It's a Great Gift to Your Loved Ones

    Package List:
    ✅1 adhesive canvas with diamond cover pattern
    ✅CORRES diamond sachets
    ✅1 cup for diamonds
    ✅1 pen and its glue
    ✅1 tweezers

    How to choose a canvas size?
    The bigger the canvas, the richer the details! Make sure the canvas width is at least 40cm for optimal results.


    The image below shows a comparison of how different sizes will look when finished.

    About the Size ---Larger Area You Will Get
    The product size in the purchase order is the same as the actual picture, while the side length of the canva is 5 cm longer than the actual picture. For example, if you order a product with a size of 30×40cm, the size of the canva is approximately 35×45cm. Therefore, the actual size of the diamond painting you buy on our website will be larger than others.

    What are drills?
    Drills are the tiny gems that make up a diamond painting. There are two kinds,round drills and square drills.
    Round drills have a more scattered, glimmery look to them, and tend to be more abstract in their design since the printed picture might show through a little. These are easiest for beginners since there is a bit of room to not have straight lines!
    Square drills require a lot of skill as they are lined up perfectly, and almost no printed background shows through. Precise lines are necessary to get the proper effect. However, the finished product is incredibly rewarding, and resembles a beautiful mosaic.

    Square drills
    Round drills

    When can I get my order?
    After we accepted your order, we will start to processing your order.The processing time about 4-9 days.
    The shipping time about 3-5 days.
    The total delivery time is order processing time plus the shipping time, 🚚the delivery time within 7-14 days.

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    How to Diamond Paint?
    Creating a Masterpiece Has Never Been So Easy!
    Creating your diamond art painting is a straightforward, five-step process:
    1.Open one of the diamond packages and carefully pour diamonds into the grooved organizing tray.
    2.Gently shake the grooved organizing tray so the diamonds are facing rounded side up.
    3.Press the tip of diamond pen tool into the wax pad.
    4.Pick up each diamond by pressing the diamond pen tool to the diamond's rounded, faceted side.
    5.Apply each diamond to the adhesive canvas template, placing it using the color-coded chart as your reference.

    What are the drills made of?
    They’re made from a high-sheen resin, which is highly pigmented, and colored all the way through for depth.

    How to pay?
    We accept the following payment methods: Credit/Debit card or Paypal.
    Our website has an SSL encryption system to protect your personal data and the means of payment used.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 349 reviews
    K Dalrymple
    Custom made diamond art

    Amazing quality print turned out brilliant sent to the actual johnny depp as a birthday gift ..

    Ann Gouge
    Florence and josie

    Beautiful canvas turned out lovely was extra sticky so no drills moving or dropping off

    Christine Ambrose
    Family Photo

    Very pleased with this square 5D diamond painting, which is now hanging on the wall in my office. Followed online instructions on how to prepare for mounting onto wood to include sealing with a high-gloss product to protect the surface and also ensure that each diamond stayed in place. The only slight criticism is that while I was working on the picture the protective cover kept curling up. Wondered if it is possible to order a spare protective cover when ordering my next 5D pic from you?

    Morag Glendinning
    Animal canvass

    My wee granddaughter loves animals. I have done loads and never been disappointed. Thank you.

    Rebecca Smith
    neighbours cat that she lost

    This is my 3rd one that ive bought and completed ill post the other 1later as ive already posted one .

    I bought this 4 months ago for my neighbour as her little lucy hasn't long past away and only just finished it.

    i enjoy doing these they are relaxing and great to do on a rainy day heaven knows it rains alot in wales lol so thought it be a lovely 70th birthday present although it wasnt done on time lol only two months late lol but She absolutely loved it she cried and put it up on her wall straight away and said Lucy's home where she belongs made me cry.

    Thanks so much Victoria for once again provideding me with such good quality product i chose a size but they changed it to a right size they thought would be alot better for tje picture witch i am so great full for as im rubbish at sizes and it came out pretty awesome. It always comes on time and nicely packed .

    There was enough diamonds pieces if not more to complete it ive got another 2 to go witch i cant wait to get started and already got 4 more to buy lol so ill be ordering again pretty soon. Thanks again