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  • What I Wish I Knew When I Started My first Diamond Painting

    Posted by Mandy Ruiz on

    Size really does matter

      When you’re looking at diamond paintings and you’re trying to decide what size to get an image in, it’s important to look at the image as it …

      For example,this picture that I have in mind is a landscape,but it has a lot of little details in it and therefore in order to see those details clearly,you would have to get an incredibly large image.


      Look at the picture below, it’s the smallest size 20x25cm. Obviously it’s not detailed enough.


      You may feel a little confused.Actually it’s something about a flower and butterflies. If you choose bigger size,you’ll see more details.


      In conclusion,the bigger the canvas, the richer the details! 


      square or round?

        They are both great. You should probably try both of them before you make a decision on way or another whether you like them or not.


        For me,I started with rounds and I mustered up the courage to finally start a square. If you’re worried about whether you’re going to like it or not, just get a little smaller picture.


        Round drills are easier for beginners since there is a bit of room to not have straight lines! Square drills maybe a little harder. But the finished product is incredibly rewarding. You’ll love it!

        Don’t feel like you have to complete the whole thing right then and there

          Painting with diamonds kits are a way to having an enjoyable activity. It’s okay to take small steps, only do like 3 or 5 small rows a day. Rushing hurts yourself and makes the activity less fun and feel like a chore.

          Pace yourself~


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